• Client:
  • Date: 1st April 2020
  • Project: Multiple UX & UI projects including Google PPC double serving differentiation, Genius program, post booking UX & UI improvements and RTL language implementation of headers
  • Goal: Improve conversion rate by at least 5% for user in this sales funnel

The client & projects have a transport division called “Cars” and I worked on multiple projects during my year long contract working with the company, which I’ll discuss below:

PPC ‘double serving’ differentiation generates revenues by taking commisions (from its many car hire company partners) by presenting car rental listings on its website, and eventually by receiving a booking. Booking also owns a brand called which essentially follows the same business model. The two brands generate the vast majority of their car hire sales leads by bidding on the same Google PPC search terms (such as “car hire”, “rent a car”, etc) in order to appear top of the Google seach results pages in the ad slots.

Both websites used identical layouts, but with a different theme applied and Google specifically does not allow this practice and refers to it as “double serving”. Both brands would be banned from bidding on all the major car hire serach terms if they did not adhere to these rules and the financial impact of which would be severe.

Project goal

The goal of the project was to produce visually different rental car search and book user journies for Booking Cars, from that of, whilst not letting the conversion rates dip by more than 3%. The business had appreciated that there would likely be a conversion rate drop off due to the redesign of the key pages.

My role

This was a substantial project and I worked in a multi-disciplinary agile project team composed of BA’s, UX Designers, UI Designers, Testers and Developers.

I fulfilled the role of mobile UX & UI Designer and my main goals were to illustrate the new screen designs at various stages in the user journey, build prototypes of the said designs and run user testing sessions. The screen designs were all created using the Booking design system.

The designs I worked on were also to be used as assets in the production of prototypes used for stakeholder demonstations and also in user testing sessions. A sample of a prototype can be seen below:

My reservation and post-booking

I also worked with in a team to improve the user flows and UI & UX of the “My Reservation” area of the website. The m

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